Only the application form available on the funding programme website is to be used for funding applications. Only applications submitted in German will be accepted. Please use the German application form. Applications are to be submitted by post with the following attachments enclosed:

  • Detailed financial plan (see the mandatory template in the menu item Downloads)
  • Declarations of intent regarding co-funding (see menu item Downloads)
  • Declarations of intent from institutional partners
  • Dossier including brief profiles of partner institutions and relevant project participants
  • Declaration of ecological sustainability (see menu item Downloads)
  • NEW: Privacy Policy (see menu item Downloads)

Additional documents can be enclosed with the application on an informal basis, for example:

  • Letters of support and/or recommendation from the co-financing party, the co-operation partner and other participants
  • Documentation material from previous work (programmes, brochures, catalogues, etc.)

Application deadline for the second round of funding: 14th December 2018

Application deadlines are postmark deadlines. Postmarks will be used to ensure that application deadlines have been met.

Please send a single copy of the application (enclosing the necessary attachments) by post to DIEHL+RITTER gUG, the non-profit agency managing the TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund promotion fund:

Keywords “Antrag TANZPAKT”
Crellestraße 29-30
10827 Berlin

Please also e-mail the application form and the financial plan (as an Excel table) by 14th December 2018 to: