Funding priorities





TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund is a programme to promote excellence in dance. It is aimed at established artists, ensembles and production structures with an international reach. It is also intended to support development concepts that are both innovative and outstanding nationally.

The aim is to implement substantial projects that contribute to the further development, strengthening and profiling of dance as an art form in Germany, both artistically and structurally.

For the multi-annual projects, the principle of additionality usually applies. This relates to both project content – including new fields of work and/or the qualitative development of existing activities – as well as project finance. Applicants already receiving funding should in principle generate additional public resources for their projects. The quality and feasibility of the submitted projects as well as their relevance for the aims of the promotion programme are key funding criteria.

Applications can be submitted for projects in the following thematic areas; a combination of areas T1, T2 and T3 is preferable. Please note that only one applicant per project is allowed.

T1 Promotion of excellence in the development of outstanding ensembles, artist co-operatives and individual artists with an international reach

Strengthening artistic quality 

Funding will enable outstanding artists and ensembles to enhance the quality of their work through planning security. The broadening of the artistic spectrum as well as the development of new activity fields and/or the expansion of existing activity fields (e.g. audience development, transfer projects, artistic research and further training) will be promoted in order to profile dance as an independent art form.

Applications may be submitted by independent ensembles, collectives and artistic teams, individual artists with a consistent national and international presence as well as ensembles at municipal and state theatres.


T2 Promotion of excellence in production structures and venues operating nationally/internationally

Strengthening and developing framework conditions

Funding will enable prominent production structures and venues for dance that operate and are networked nationally and internationally to develop excellence further in specific work fields in dance. The long-term development of new work fields (e.g. promoting the development of management structures for artists, artistic research, the mid-career sector or production conditions for internationally established artists) that point the way forward for dance will also be supported.

Applications may be submitted by production centres, choreographic centres, venues, theatres, municipal and state theatres, dance-producing festivals, production platforms and production offices as well as initiatives for the development of newly emerging infrastructures and production structures for dance and with proven continuity and national/international visibility in the production and presentation of artistic projects.


T3 Promotion of excellence in the development and implementation of co-operative dance-development concepts

Strengthening and developing long-term synergy effects 

Funding will enable dance-scene actors and structures – from training via ensembles and venues to transfer, science and cultural administrations – to bring their respective expertise to bear in pioneering co-operations that lead to excellence. The alliances thus formed will help strengthen the potential of partners and dance in general substantially. It is intended to fund local, regional and national co-operations. Particularly welcome are projects that also enhance the visibility of dance and facilitate access to it in regions where it has until now been underdeveloped or hard to reach.

Applications may be submitted by alliances of, for example, dance networks, production structures, institutions, municipal and state theatres, artists, other actors and public sponsors.