Application steps

The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DTD) and Bureau Ritter gUG (formerly DIEHL+RITTER gUG) can support you in an advisory capacity if you wish to develop a project that includes applying to TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund.


1. Advice from the DTD when developing project ideas and concepts

  • Contact the DTD to arrange a consultation meeting.
  • In preparation for the meeting, it may help if you can define any deficits and potentials for dance in your location and consider the forms of strengthening that are urgently needed and are in line with the promotion programme (e.g. infrastructure development, dance spaces, development of project support, audience development, management, etc.).
  • If necessary, the DTD moderates the dialogue between the dance scene and local administration (municipality and federal state) and advises all participants on the steps involved in joint concept development. It is therefore a good idea, prior to the meeting, to sound out potential partners (dance scene, municipality, federal state and others) that are interested in developing dance in your city and/or federal state. The DTD can help you with information and contacts.

2. Advice from Bureau Ritter when submitting an application

  • If, during the concept development phase, specific questions arise about submitting an application, e.g. in relation to finance or the application and funding criteria, please contact the team at Bureau Ritter.
  • Once the concept development phase for your project has been completed, please arrange a meeting with Bureau Ritter so that the team can advise you on all the budgetary and content-related aspects of submitting an application (compiling a financial plan, explanations of the forms and documents to be submitted, etc.).
  • You can also contact Bureau Ritter if any questions arise while you’re putting your application together and if necessary arrange additional consultation meetings.