Vorpommern tanzt an (Western Pomerania dances in) | Tanzregion Vorpommern e. V.

Co-financed by: State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern tanzt an​​​​​​​

Dates & Performances

The newly founded Tanzregion Vorpommern (Western Pomerania Dance Region) is an association of Perform[d]ance Stralsund), schloss bröllin (Fahrenwalde) and Theater Vorpommern (Stralsund, Greifswald and Putbus). The funding awarded to the Vorpommern tanzt an project will allow these three institutions to establish a platform for contemporary dance in the region of Western Pomerania and boost its national reach. 

The creation of new production structures and performance opportunities will support and stimulate dancers and dance educators to exchange information, ideas and experience, to continue their education, and to establish their work focus in the region. The project will create a living platform for both the dance scene and residents of Western Pomerania. At Schloss Bröllin, dance creators in residence can look at key themes in Western Pomerania and develop productions that can then be shown in the venues that make up Theater Vorpommern. 
In a bid to counter the migration of artistic potential away from the region, a mentoring and consultation programme tailored to the needs of dance creators and producers will be developed in conjunction with them and they will be presented with production and presentation opportunities. New audiences will be encouraged to ‘dance in’ through transfer initiatives.

Building on the experience of classroom theatre pieces, every year Theater Vorpommern will now be creating ‘classroom dance pieces’, each one with up to two dancers, and touring them around schools in the region. Workshop-based qualification programmes for dance educators will create a regional pool of dance education and transfer experts with 20 workshops and a concluding conference planned. The design and piloting of a ‘profile class for dance’ at a school in Stralsund will develop dance further in schools. An annual dance festival will encourage dance creators and a wide audience to set the region in motion. And dance agency is planned for the autumn of 2019 in order to consolidate dance in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Its task will be to establish a local dance-scene network, to enter into a closer dialogue with people working in cultural policy, and to generate national visibility.

The Fachstelle Tanz, initiated by Vorpommern tanzt an, has started its work and for its website Elisabeth Nehring has compiled up-to-date information and helpful links for dance creators to survive financially in Corona times.
More info here: www.vorpommern-tanzt-an.de/fachstelle-tanz