tanznetz|freiburg - Co-operative Dance Concept Freiburg

Co-financed by: City of Freiburg, State of Baden-Württemberg


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What’s special about the Freiburg concept is the dovetailed co-operation between the Cultural Office Freiburg, the E-WERK Freiburg association (a central performance venue for independent dance in Freiburg) and tanznetz|freiburg in an amalgamation of professional artists from the contemporary dance world. The core of the promotional project is the development and expansion of the initiative and platform tanznetz|freiburg, which was founded in 2017 and is integrated into the bewegungsart freiburg association at the organisational level. E-WERK Freiburg operates as a dance production centre and is undertaking important steps to link up Freiburg’s independent scene with the national and international dance scene. As the applicant, the Cultural Office Freiburg is acting as an interface as well as the overall co-ordinator of the ‘Co-operative Dance Development Concept Freiburg’.

The funding from TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund will be used to strengthen independent dance in Freiburg in the years up to 2021 and enable it to compete nationally and internationally. In addition, the work conditions and qualification options for independent dancers and choreographers will be improved so that it is possible to live and work permanently as an independent artist in Freiburg. These core objectives are linked with an increase in quality through improved local production and qualification conditions, as well as through the expansion of national networking by exchanging ideas with other national and international guest venues and festivals. The sharing of production-relevant expertise and the creation of organisational and consultation structures will expand professional skills.

Three project co-ordinators (Laurence Nagel: tanznetz|freiburg / Laila Koller: E-WERK Freiburg / Joke Colmsee: Cultural Office Freiburg), two board members from bewegungs-art Freiburg (Dagny Borsdorf / Oliver Lange), seven people in charge of project sub-sections (Karolin Stächele, Zina Vaessen, Fiona Combosch, Sabine Noll, Laura Heinecke, Irene Careno and Sandra Hanschitz), numerous dance artists in working communities as well as an event technician (Natalie Stark) will be ensuring the implementation of the large-scale project over the next almost 3.5 years.
Each measure will see a respective call for applications published on the tanznetz|Freiburg homepage and disseminated via the NEWSLETTER and INFOMAILINGS. Social media will also be used to support the flow of information about the current projects and formats.