Co-financed by: Stadt München

Dates & Performances

The aim of Munich choreographer Anna Konjetzky’s project NOMADISCHE AKADEMIE is to connect the Bavarian dance scene with selected dance scenes abroad. Between 2019 and 2021, the academy will be guesting for one week each in Poland, Australia and Palestine. There will also be an annual 10-day knowledge-sharing platform in Munich that will also involve other Bavarian cities. The platforms will be modular in structure and use various public formats to target different audiences.

National and international co-operation partners will be contributing to the project with skills and expertise, and establishing a discourse on themes, physical practice and impetus based on a ‘ping pong’ of questions and answers among the various locations and protagonists, the aim being to promote both a continuous theoretical investigation in dance as well as long-term international networks and interdisciplinary discussions.

In an age when the world is witnessing a return to national considerations and thereby to borders and exclusion, Konjetzky’s research and network project will be looking at those free spaces where resistance is evident and that offer opportunities for dialogue and action. In doing so, special attention will be given to the political dimension of the body and its forms of expression and movement. The investigation will be conducted in the academy at both the physical and theoretical level at all times.
The nomadic principle not only lends its name to the project but is also a constituent aspect of Konjetzky’s approach: it is evident in the academy’s ‘wandering’ but equally in the organisation of knowledge that will emerge on an online platform alongside the events, the platform not only fulfilling a documentary function but also providing a work and dialogue space, independent of time and place, for use by participants during the project period. Both live and online, the NOMADISCHE AKADEMIE will thus operate like ‘whispered messages’, gathering content and practices, and adapting, spreading, developing and publicising them.
The first NOMADISCHE AKADEMIE platform will take place in Munich in December 2019.