Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum

Co-financed by: Land Berlin

Dates & Performances

Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum Berlin (dance-for-young-audiences offensive, Berlin) is an association of four experienced partners who are active locally, nationally and internationally on the contemporary dance and children’s and youth theatre scenes, namely PURPLE – International Dance Festival for Young Audiences, the TANZKOMPLIZEN initiative, Theater STRAHL and Theater o.N.
The joint goal is to put dance for young audiences in Berlin on an excellent and sustainable footing with regard to structure, audience attraction, appearance, education and production, something that has yet to be achieved.

For the next phase of the project, we have jointly set ourselves the objective of continuing to reduce the barriers to dance by creating better and equitable access points – on the one hand for our audience (children and young people), and on the other hand for multipliers, dancers and choreographers. In order to achieve our goal, we wish to plan and implement all our project activities under a programmatic umbrella of ‘equity’ (equity in the sense of equality, equal opportunity and diversity). We are also aware that equity is neither a one-off project nor an isolated practice. Equity is a proactive attitude that invites us to ensure increased equality and diversity in the things we do.

It is against this background that the future activities of the Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum (Dance for Young Audiences Campaign) will focus on the following priorities: performances and participatory formats in public space, different educational work for the multipliers and dance students, artistic research involving the target group, knowledge transfer in symposiums, peer-to-peer communication in the press and PR work, and an accessible design of the project website.