Tanzhaus temporär - On the way to a dance house for Kassel

Co-financed by: State of Hesse, City of Kassel, Gerhard Fieseler Foundation, cdw Foundation, Kasseler Sparkasse

Tanzwerk Kassel 

Dates & Performances

"Tanzhaus temporär" implements a series of measures that strengthen contemporary dance in Kassel as an independent art form relevant to the culture of a city and make it more visible: In addition to research phases to develop sustainable perspectives, the professionalization of training offers for the local scene will be advanced and existing cooperations with other Hessian institutions will be expanded to promote mutual guest performances. The module "TANZHAUS gefördert von temporär" regularly occupies the Kulturhaus Dock 4 for one week at a time and offers insights into the artistic and choreographic diversity of contemporary dance in Kassel. In 2023, the festival "TANZ*WERKE" will offer a choreographic platform for short pieces by local and regional choreographers under the direction of external curators. In addition, an international symposium with the title "body. image. embodiment." will take place in 2024.