Evaluations TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund

Evaluation of the quality-promoting measures and effects of the projects funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund


Prepared by Dr. Gitta Barthel in cooperation with Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung e. V.

At the beginning of 2019, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e. V., in consultation with DIEHL+RITTER gUG (now Bureau Ritter gUG), commissioned an evaluation of the projects funded by TANZPAKT with the first two calls for proposals. The aim was to identify the central factors that contribute to the success of the projects in terms of quality promotion. The evaluation is based on a qualitative approach of empirical social research. The following questions were central:
- What criteria can be used to determine qualities in the TANZPAKT projects?
- How are they generated?
- Which measures and formats are conducive to this and how do they interact?

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Evaluation Qualities TANZPAKT Projects – short
Evaluation Qualities TANZPAKT Projects – long
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Evaluation of the funding programme TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund


Prepared by CULTURE CONCEPTS | Dr. Cornelia Dümcke

The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e. V. in cooperation with DIEHL+RITTER gUG (now Bureau Ritter gUG) had the cultural-political aspect and the leverage effects of TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund examined and evaluated externally since its foundation until mid-2019.
The aim of the evaluation was primarily qualitative assessments of the acceptance and presence of dance in the political sphere at all levels (municipalities, state, federal government and other funding bodies) and of the initial effects of the funding programme.

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Evaluation TANZPAKT funding programme